Outdoor wicker furniture of DIDU Indonesia is a high-quality wicker with custom furniture design. Mainly used for outdoor furniture for hotel, villa, cottage, resort, apartment, stadiums, restaurants, etc. DIDU was founded in Bali. Started producing and exporting a high-quality wicker furniture in 2003. Since that time, DIDU has committed to the premium quality and high artistic value as an identity and characteristics of all his outdoor wicker furniture products. Every model of furniture we produce is a result of the combination between technology, art, and science.

The thing that makes wicker furniture of DIDU Indonesia’s products are perfect is, their beautiful designs and products durability in any level of temperatures in all climatic condition and weathers. That is the mean of DIDU’s brand tagline, All Weather Wicker Furniture.

To create products with such a strong durability, especially for synthetic rattan and rope, DIDU brings in the raw materials from Germany and other European companies. That’s why, you will get the price that matches the quality of each product you ordered.

outdoor wicker furniture manufacture high quality wicker custom furniture design outdoor furniture for hotel

DIDU will continue to maintain the trust of its customers by maintaining a very strict quality control for every synthetic rattan wicker furniture we manufactured.

DIDU never stops innovating. Creates many new artistic and futuristic furniture designs. DIDU’s outdoor furniture uses an aluminum tube frame with a combination of synthetic rattan with natural color woven. DIDU All Weather Wicker Indonesia is committed to providing the very best service to meet your needs at an affordable price.

DIDU served a personal-buyers, furniture suppliers and distributors, company’s projects in furniture procurement for hotels, cottages, stadiums, villas, resorts, apartments, housing construction contractors, and so on. As an independent and privately owned company, DIDU focuses on building long-lasting partnerships and alliances with customers from all countries.


One of our missions is, maintaining the long-term business relationship with our customers. We realize that mission by making a high-quality outdoor furniture at affordable prices directly from the factory. This is one of the benefits that our customers get.

We ensure that our customers will get the best prices for high-quality outdoor furniture, because most of our outdoor furniture materials such as synthetic rattan and rope are produced in our own factories.

So, if you search for a furniture factory partner on manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture for your projects, DIDU Indonesia is the most reasonable and logical choice to realize it.

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To create a high quality wicker furniture, DIDU has a unique realization process for each wicker furniture procurement project that our customers want.

outdoor wicker furniture manufacture high quality wicker outdoor furniture custom design furniture for hotel


This is the process when the customer explains the design model of the furniture that he want it; or, when the customer received a proposed design model offered by DIDU, if he doesn’t have his own  concept yet.

outdoor wicker furniture manufacture high quality wicker outdoor furniture custom design furniture for hotel


For example, you ordered a custom furniture. After you made a down payment, DIDU will create a visual modeling and detail physical prototype for the custom furniture you ordered. In this phase, all aspects of the furniture are fixed and ready to enter the production phase.

outdoor wicker furniture manufacture high quality wicker outdoor furniture custom design furniture for hotel


After the approval of prototype model by customer, will continue to the phase of production. In the production phase, there are at least three quality control processes: for frame, for woven, and the final quality control. The last is: packaging and shipping.


We have one main commitment, it was: maintaining a good long-term relationship with every customer.

How do we realize that commitment?

We will make it happen with two a very serious steps: first, creating a high quality and artistic products; second, we sell it at an affordable price. Do you want it? Fill the form below with your email and then click the button next to it.

outdoor wicker furniture manufacture high quality wicker outdoor furniture custom design furniture for hotel