Custom furniture manufacturer is one of our services on making an exclusive design of outdoor furniture for hotels and resorts, restaurants, villa, cottages, and others. Until February 2023, more than 2000 projects on manufacturing wicker outdoor furniture for hotels and resorts, restaurants, villas, cottages, bungalows, and many luxuries private homes, have been completed.

It’s your turn to feel the magic on our excellent custom furniture manufacturing service!

Why do you need the custom furniture?

Whatever is seen by guests at the indoor and outdoor space of hotels and resorts, villas, cottages, and many other public tourism attractions, will be the most attractive thing that will always be remembered. So, you need a unique, artistry and comfort outdoor furniture that is exclusively available only on your hospitality units.

We are here to help you manufacturing an exclusive outdoor furniture!

An Exclusive Identity for Your Business

Manufacturing the custom furniture is one of our excellent services for hospitality brands. This service aims to serve the needs of an exclusive furniture model for hotels and resorts, villas, cottages and others.

Simple example. You definitely don’t want your five-star hotel guests to comment in front of you, “Wow, how come the table and chairs are the same as the cheap hotel where I stayed last week, huh?”

Another example that could be experienced by the manager or owner of any hotel. Especially hotels, villas, resorts, or restaurants in any family tourist attractions, who brought along his child who is still in kindergarten age which has a strong memory of certain objects that have similarities.

What do you feel if in front of you, the child says to she or her parents, “Mom…? That’s the same chair and table as the one, at Papa’s regularly visited cheap restaurant.”

These two illustrations are just a bad example. A myriad of other unpleasant events can drop the reputation of your five-star hotel, resort, cottage, villa, apartment, restaurants, just because the furniture model is not exclusive, mostly found in market, and widely used in other places.

How to avoid such embarrassing incidents?

The only solution is, you have to order the custom furniture to DIDU Indonesia.

Custom Furniture Manufacture for Hotel Resorts Villas Cottages

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Robert L. Peters

Creating an impressive moment to remember, that will drive your guests back to your hotels and resorts.

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive. The tourists today are no longer just looking for comfortability. But, the uniqueness, exclusivity, and authenticity are other things that will drive them to stay at certain hotels and resorts.

A service from DIDU Indonesia in custom furniture manufacturer can help hoteliers to create a distinctive, exclusive, luxurious and authentic environment. It creates a difference and distinctiveness in the mind of their guests, which they will not find it anywhere else.

custom furniture manufacturer for hotels and resorts

Strengthen brand awareness

Having a unique, comfort, and exclusive outdoor furniture can boost the brand awareness in the minds of the visitors. Especially if the customers target is the upper-middle class visitors. For example, the convenience that they feel while they are on the pool side will be very memorable. That thing can make them feels at home. So, they will always come back to enjoy such the comfort atmosphere in hotel’s pool side.

How will it be realized?

Of course, entrusting the well experienced custom furniture manufacturer is the only way to make this happen.

DIDU Indonesia is the best custom outdoor furniture manufacturer for luxury, exclusive and unique appliances for five-star hotels. Handled by well skilled and highly experienced experts.


Well trusted custom furniture manufacturer

Since the first time DIDU Indonesia was found, premium quality outdoor furniture has been chosen as product’s identity. We do everything to keep this identity attached to our products.

For this reason, in 2019 we founded our own factory for manufacturing the synthetic rattan and rope. So that we carry out a strict quality control process since the stage of manufacturing the raw materials.