Custom synthetic rattan and custom rope is another product of DIDU Factory beside the outdoor wicker furniture. Synthetic rattan and rope is the raw material to make the wicker furniture. The synthetic rattan and rope of DIDU’s factory is the highest in quality.

You will not find any premium quality synthetic rattan with a guarantee of quality up to three years. Only DIDU can provide you with a quality warranty of up to three years.  Please fill the form below to make an order.


The synthetic rattan and rope used by DIDU to make an outdoor wicker furniture are self-produced. Synthetic rattan and rope produced by the DIDU synthetic rattan factory and rope factory, is the best synthetic rattan and rope with a guarantee of quality up to three years.

Synthetic rattan is an important material in the manufacture of wicker furniture. It has the same elasticity as real rattan. The texture of the outer layer can be customized as needed. An affordable price. These reasons makes the most of wicker furniture manufacturers switches from natural rattan to synthetic rattan.

DIDU has gone through many experiences in its journey as a rattan furniture manufacturer. Ever experienced receiving a supply of low quality synthetic rattan from a partner manufacturer. This experience prompted DIDU to switch to making its own synthetic rattan with a tight quality control.

DIDU synthetic rattan factory has a strong commitment to produce a high quality synthetic rattan. This is because the high quality of Didu rattan furniture demands the use of the highest quality synthetic rattan too.

synthetic rattan factory outdoor wicker furniture rope factory


DIDU is very concerned with environmental issues. Exerting all capabilities to create environmentally friendly products. So that, all materials used to create an outdoor wicker furniture products of DIDU can be recycled.

custom material synthetic rattan and rope DIDU Synthetic Rattan Factory

Non-Toxic Raw Materials

As mentioned above as well as on other pages of this website. DIDU has a great concern for health and environmental sustainability. The raw materials for producing synthetic rattan and rope are selected which do not contain toxins. DIDU selects raw materials from certified non-toxin sources with international standards. Therefore, using DIDU wicker furniture products is a form of your concern for the health of customers and the environment.


Premium Quality

The quality of synthetic rattan from DIDU is not only recognized by the local industry. Several international companies operating in Indonesia that requires synthetic rattan, some of them have become the customer of DIDU synthetic rattan factory. This is because DIDU has a very strong commitment to maintaining quality.