Furniture for hotel is not an easy thing to find it in furniture market. It was a custom furniture designed by certain interior-exterior company. Produced by a hotel furniture manufacturer specialist that has a service in manufcaturing custom furniture for hotels. Thats why their furniture was not found in public furniture market.

The main factor that keeps hotel furniture away from being sold freely in the public furniture market is not just a design matter. More than that, furniture is the brand image of every hospitality business. The managers of hotel are very strict in maintaining the image of their business brand in the minds of their consumers.

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Indoor Furniture for Hotel

The indoor space of the hotel plays a very important role in shaping the image of a hotel brand in the mind of its visitors. Since their first footstep after passing through the hotel entrance until their resting in the hotel’s room. That is the best opportunity to form a deep impression for your hotel business brand awareness.

What do they see at the first time when they enter the hotel’s door? The empty walls? The pretty and handsome receptionist with a charming big smile? Or, a luxurious and comfortable furniture seems to be waving and calls them to have a rest on it? Each hotel has a choice about how they engage consumers. One thing is for sure, hotel interior furniture plays a very important role in binding an impression in consumers mind.

You don’t need a hotel furniture liquidator to get deals on hotel furniture. Creating custom furniture according to your brand’s needs is the best choice. One of the options for producing a high quality furniture for hotel is PT. DIDU Indonesia, which is very experienced in producing luxury furniture for hotels such as JWMarriot, Intercontinental, Shangri-La, and many other similar class hotels.

  • outdoor furniture for hotel custom furniture for hotel furniture manufacturer custom hotel daybed custom hotel sunbed best hotel furniture
  • outdoor furniture for hotel custom furniture for hotel furniture manufacturer custom hotel daybed custom hotel sunbed best hotel furniture

Furniture for Hotel Lobby

The hotel lobby is the very first part that tantalizes the imagination of visitors about the hotel they are visiting. Hotel lobby furniture must truly represent the brand image of your hospitality business. Especially in today’s digital era, when everyone can capture amazing moments in their lives with a cell phone camera, the photos of your hotel lobby can be quickly exposed to the whole world.

The Furniture for Lounge

Besides the hotel lobby, the lounge is another place that can be used to build a deep impression in the minds of your hotel visitors. Lounge is a public space where guests spend times for relax. In this place they can meet their clients if they are on the business trip. Or they can enjoy the time with their family if they are bored in the room.

Give your hotel guests the best comfort by placing a high-quality, comfortable, and artistic furniture in your hotel lounge. This will leave a very deep impression on the minds of hotel guests, so it can be a reason for them to come back at another time.

Custom Furniture for Hotel’s Room

Among all, room’s hotel is the most important part to pay the most attention on it. Its cleanliness, comfort, and color compatibility must be taken a very seriously attention. Especially for hotel furniture in the form of chairs, main tables, coffee tables, sofas, beds, blankets, pillows, entertainment, lighting, and others. In this room, guests will spend most of their time during their stay in hotel.

How they feel when they are in a hotel room will have a huge impact on the reputation of the hotel. You can just fill the lobby and lounge with luxurious and classy furniture. However, if the hotel room is not considered for the quality and comfort of the furniture in it, everything will be in vain.

Don’t sacrifice your hotel’s positive brand image by installing the low-quality furniture in your hotel’s room. You can choose a variety of high quality luxury hotel furniture from DIDU Indonesia to furnish your hotel’s room. DIDU furniture for hotel will give a high quality warranty and free maintenace for three years. Thats will extend the using period of the furnitures and saves more budgets for furniture procurement.

outdoor furniture for hotel custom furniture for hotel furniture manufacturer custom hotel daybed custom hotel sunbed best hotel furniture

Custom outdoor wicker sunbed for Sheraton Hotel, Bali, by DIDU INDONESIA.

Outdoor Hotel Furniture

The hotel’s outdoor space consists of various kinds such as swimming pools, gardens, children’s playgrounds, and others. The basic considerations in choosing outdoor furniture for hotel are the same as choosing its indoor furniture. Comfortable, luxurious, unique, those three things are at least the main basic consideration.

Another factor as an additional considerations is durability and ease of maintenance. This is very important because hotel’s outdoor furniture will be exposed to a various temperature levels of outdoor weathers. Such as the exposure toward the sunlights heat, cold, dust and rain, those are must become the basic considerations.

Where can you get outdoor furniture for hotel that is weather resistant?

Actually, there are many outdoor hotel furniture that offer products that are resistant to all weathers. But no one really dares to guarantee the quality of their furniture products. Even if there is, they only dare to give a year or two year warranty.

The difference that excels hotel’s outdoor furniture from DIDU INDONESIA is the warranty of its high quality. DIDU gives up to three years warranty for the synthetic rattan and rope materials. As well as the quality warranty for the aluminum frame for a year. During that three years, DIDU has also provided a special after-sales services in the form of free maintenance. This service given for customers from the hotel businesses, restaurants, cafes, bars, and the like.

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Hotel’s Outdoor Dining Chairs and Sofa

Among the outdoor parts of the hotel are gardens, swimming pool, terrace and frontyard or backyard. These places can become the choice for hotel guests when they want to spend their time outdoors. The most attractive for them are usually the garden and swimming pool. You need to prepare special furniture in these places.

What kind of hotel furniture can be placed in the garden and its surroundings?

Several type of chairs and tables that specifically designed for gardens can be a choice. The best choice is wicker furniture with synthetic rattan woven material. Such as wicker chairs with Stacking Teak models, Pod Chairs, Rome Chairs, Alor Armchairs, and others. CLICK HERE to see various models of garden chairs for your hotel’s outdoor space.

As a complement, you can add a small and medium size table. Enough to put a cup or two of coffee on it. You can use wicker table models of Bavana, Kalangbau, Mongol, Atlantic, and others. CLICK HERE to see models of wicker tables that are suitable for your hotel garden furniture.

Hotel Furniture for Swimming Pool

The swimming pool has a great appeal for a relaxing place for hotel guests. Make a deep impression on your guests when they are here. Provide special outdoor furniture for the swimming pool such as a sunbed, daybed, small table, a few chairs, and a floating tray, don’t miss it. When they want to soak while enjoying snacks in the water, they really need floating tradition as a place to store food and drinks.

Sunbeds or daybeds have become standard outdoor furniture that must be present on every side of the swimming pool. Especially hotels that have a mainstay view toward the beach, they must have sunbeds and daybeds. Guests can enjoy beach views while relaxing on the hotel’s sunbeds and daybeds.

outdoor furniture for hotel custom furniture for hotel furniture manufacturer custom hotel daybed custom hotel sunbed best hotel furniture

Sometimes they can also spending time by the pool while reading a book or magazine. Therefore, you must ensure that the sunbed and daybed for your hotel’s outdoor furniture can be adjusted to the angle of the backrest.

Some models of luxury sunbeds and daybeds that can be chosen are Kudeta Sunbed, Arm Samba Sunbeds, Pacific Sunbeds, Nice Sunbeds, Commando Sunbed, Witex Sunbed, and many others. In addition to sunbeds is daybeds that can be an option for swimming pool furniture. Daybed has a more exclusive and luxurious form. CLICK HERE to see several types of pre-designed daybed collections from DIDU INDONESIA.

Custom Furniture for Hotel Service

In addition to all pre-designed models of outdoor furniture, DIDU INDONESIA also has a special service in the form of custom furniture service. You can make your own hotel’s outdoor furniture design. Whatever the material and as complex as the design, DIDU INDONESIA can certainly produce it according to your wishes.