Furniture is a term for all objects that support various kinds of human activities such as sitting, eating, storage media, sleeping, and many others. Furniture also used to place various kinds of objects that has a flat surface to support various work activities, such as tables.

It’s also can mean a product resulting from design activities, which can be used to decorate indoor or outdoor space of homes, hotels, villa, resorts, and so on. So, it will be looks beautiful and comfortable while staying in it.

The functions of furniture can vary. Like the place to sit and sleep, or a place to put food and drinks on it. More than that, there are some furniture that becomes a sacred symbol in religious activities.


Since the beginning of the formation of civilization until now, humans have used various kinds of raw materials from nature to make furniture. Such as wood, stone, and mud, to make various kinds of furniture.

Archaeological research shows, in the past 30,000 years ago, humans have started making crafts to make furniture from wood, stone, and animal bones. The oldest furniture found in Russia, the Venus Figurine. A statue of a goddess sitting on a throne.

While the furniture that still exists today was found in Scotland, Skara Brae. A residential complex from the Neolithic civilization. In this place found cupboards, tables, and beds made of stone.

The design of furniture models continues to evolve. In ancient Egyptian civilization, humans have made various kinds of furniture from pieces of wood. With these raw materials, humans have made chairs, benches, and tables.


The design of furniture models continues to develop in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. At this time, several types of new furniture began to be made such as sofas. In addition to sitting, the sofa has additional functions for relaxing, eating, and even sleeping.

There is also a new type of furniture that began to be created at this time, namely klinai. Also known as a cot, or amben. Klinai began to be used by the Ancient Greeks at various symposium events. While in Ancient Roman civilization it was used in various gatherings and gatherings to talk about various matters.

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The industrial revolution that occurred in the 14th and 15th centuries also influenced furniture design. Among the important characteristics of furniture of this era can be seen from its heavy weight, and decorated with ornate carvings.

Why the heavy furniture weight?

The manufacture of ornamental carvings requires the use of high-density wood. One of them uses wood from oak trees. The size will be stronger and not easily broken. While the high density of wood makes the resulting furniture has a heavy weight.

The Renaissance became the starting point for the development of modern technology. The material and design of furniture is no exception and continues to evolve and adapt. Especially after the discovery of various modern carpentry tools that make the furniture production process more efficient. Furniture designs and models also continue to evolve and innovate.


Technology makes the process of designing and producing furniture more efficient. In addition to the invention of carpentry tools, various studies to make imitation raw materials also have a big impact on modern furniture.

If old furniture relies on wood as the main raw material, modern furniture no longer relies on wood. Iron and aluminum smelting technology creates alternative raw materials for furniture, with better quality and durability.

There is also the manufacture of alternative raw materials to replace natural rattan with synthetic rattan. This technology also has a significant impact on the development of modern furniture. Natural rattan is generally used for wicker furniture which is commonly used for outdoor furniture.

The discovery of synthetic rattan to replace natural rattan produces furniture that is better in quality and efficiency. With synthetic rattan, outdoor furniture can be created that is resistant to exposure to UV rays and is weather resistant. Which cannot be made when using natural rattan raw materials.

There is also an indirect impact of technology on the modern furniture industry. Such as the advancement of digital technology that allows the furniture design process visually before the physical production process. This makes it possible to see the “finished product” of furniture before it begins to be mass-produced.


There are various models and types of modern furniture. The diversity can be based on the main raw material of manufacture; some are based on function. There is also a variety based on the place in which it is placed: indoor or outdoor.


Indoor furniture is furniture that is placed in the room. Such as living room, dining room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, and others. Generally using natural raw materials.

While outdoor furniture is placed outside the room. Such as terraces, gardens, swimming pools, and others. Outdoor furniture is tougher when using synthetic raw materials that contain UV-resistant and weather-resistant compounds.

The modern furniture industry generally has specific products for each type of furniture, both indoor and outdoor. Raw materials for indoor and outdoor furniture each use different raw materials. Such a classification was created for efficiency, as well as for creating products at an affordable price.