3-Seater sofa wicker patio outdoor rope furniture Kalimantan. The best choice for garden furniture, patio, backyard or front yard of homes, hotels, resorts, villas, and other hospitality units. This is a very long wicker sofa for outdoor use. It can handle three adult peoples.

STRONG AND EXCLUSIVE. The frame of this sofa uses a combination of two materials: thick aluminum and solid wood. A finishing polish uses a high-quality exterior paint that is equipped with anti-UV and weather-resistant compounds. The appearance of these 3 three-seater sofa designs creates a sturdy and tough impression.

HIGH DURABILITY. The best durability resulted from the combination of aluminum and solid wood for the frame. Coupled with a high-quality outer layer paint, which is equipped with anti-rust and anti-porous. It guarantees the best quality and durability.

That is not the only advantage of this product. A high durability is also provided by the composition of anti-UV and weather-resistant protective layer on the wicker rope that is wrapped around the back and sides of this 3-seater sofas.

This compound gives the rope the best resistance in facing the exposure of various levels of outdoor temperatures in all seasons.

Otherwise, the outer layer of the cushion of this 3-seater sofa also uses sunproof fabric. It is safe to leave it outdoors all year round, through all seasons.

CAREFREE. This 3-seater sofa does not need a special care. It uses a high-quality raw material. When you put it outdoors, you don’t have to worry about its toughness against exposure to various extreme outdoor elements. You don’t need a protective cover to cover it, unless you want an extra protection.

Maintenance of this 3-seater sofa is very easy. No special techniques needed. If it is exposed to or covered in dust, you can simply blow it with an air blower to remove the dust from it. Or rinse it with a water, or wipe it with a dry cloth. The maintenance is that easy.

NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. You do not need to assemble this sofa. We shipped it ready to use. Once you receive our delivery, you just need to put it anywhere you want and put the cushion on it.

3 YEARS WARRANTY. We provide excellent after-sales service in the form of a quality guarantee up to three years. Especially for our customers from the hospitality businesses in Indonesia. Such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, villas, resorts, cottages, and others. They will get the free maintenance service for three years.

The maintenance will be carried out by a special maintenance team from DIDU Indonesia before the high seasons. So that, all DIDU furniture at your place is in their top condition to welcome your guests in high-seasons.

Size (cm): 275(L) 96(W) 67(H)
Material: Round Rope Ø 3,5mm | Aluminium & Wooden Frame
Available Colors: As Stock
MOQ: 20 pcs.