Coffee Table or wicker rattan table KONA is one of the best-selling coffee tables that is widely used by the world’s leading brands on hospitality industry. Its compact form presents the impression of elegance and luxury. Especially if you use the dark colors like black, cappuccino, dark brown, and java brown.

The design pattern of this coffee table is a bit boxy but it corners are not sharp. It’s slightly curve. This model of wicker rattan table design is the hallmarks of the contemporary design model, it is timeless and the most in demand.

For outdoor using purpose, this coffee table or wicker rattan table does not require an outdoor furniture cover. Its synthetic rattan was equipped with a UV-resistant compound, with a quality guarantee up to 3 years. You can leave it outdoors all the time, all year round, in all seasons. All DIDU outdoor wicker furniture products are designed to withstand extreme temperatures in all seasons and all weathers.

As the other products that can be ordered in custom form, DIDU also gives his customers to order this coffee table or wicker rattan table KONA in a custom model according to their desired colors and size.

By default, this KONA coffee table or wicker rattan table is available in various colors: white, black, dark brown, white wash, cappuccino, java brown, coffee cream, and mercury. You can specify the color of the coffee table according to your wishes.


This model of coffee table has a match in sofa models: single seater sofa and two-seater sofa. Moreover, you can order in custom three-seater model if you need it.

Size (cm): 91(L) 91(W) 34(H)
Material: Synthetic Rattan 7mm Emboss | Aluminium Frame
Color avl : White, Black, Dark Brown, White Wash, Cappucino, Java Brown, Coffee Cream, Mercury
MOQ: 10pcs.