Coffee Table Tuan Besar is a great choice to be used for living rooms, patios, hotel lounges, gardens and balconies.

We give it the name “Tuan Besar” in Indonesian language, that means “Big Boss” or “Big Master”. It refers to the size of this coffee table and the luxurious impression created by the granite top of it.

This coffee table uses a thick aluminum frame that makes it sturdy but lightweight. Wrapped with a synthetic rattan woven that covers all sides, it forms a unique impression. Especially for the top of this coffee table that uses the granite stone, makes it have a luxurious appearance.

This coffee table has two options of top table part: a glass and granite. Make sure you choose the table top option according to your wish.

Besides all, among the advantages of DIDU products is, it is made of the non-toxic raw materials. So, it is very safe for all types of food that placed on it.

That is, when there is a food that falls on the coffee table, the food will remain safe for consumption. There are no chemicals from the synthetic rattan material that will transmit to the food. So, the food is safe for consumption.

This big coffee table is a part of the Tuan Besar Sofa Set. You can buy them separately if you are only interested in ordering the table. However, if you want to order a set of Tuan Besar Sofa Set, you can check it here.

coffee table wicker rattan table tuan besar

Size (cm) : 100(L) 60(W) 30(H)
Material: Synthetic Rattan Loom 3mm | Aluminium Frame
Color avl : Java Brown, Patina Kubu
MOQ: 10 pcs.
*Marble on Top