Wicker Chair Neo Armada is very durable for outdoor furniture. A High-quality wicker furniture and a high level of artistry chair to be placed indoor or outdoor spaces of any hospitality businesses such as villas, hotels, resorts, restaurants, or other public tourist attractions.

This item is available for customization according to your needs. You can order this item with your own custom color design in the certain minimum order quantity.

This wicker chair is composed of solid wood and a high-quality aluminum frame, and rope. The chair’s design is stunning. It uses UV resistant coated rope with a dark color and straddling legs that make it looks exotic.

You can put this high-quality wicker chair for hotel’s outdoor spaces such as lounge, balcony, terrace, garden, and so on. This chair gives the best comfort for those who sits on it.

This chair has four straddle apart legs. This design makes the core seat structure seems floating. However, that design didn’t make it crumbly because each of the four lower corners of the main seat structure has an additional support that anchored to the lower legs of the wicker chair. So, you don’t have to worry about the strength and the load supports. The solid wooden frame and a wicker rope are sturdy and tough. Capable of handling loads up to 200 kilograms.

As an additional information: this model has several models of wicker variations. This page is a new model of the Armada wicker chair design. In addition to this model, there are also another model: Standard Armada wicker Rope Chair, and Soft Armada Wicker Rope Chair.

This wicker rope chair Armada is a breakdown of an Armada chair set as seen in the picture below. You can click on the image to order a complete wicker chair set as seen in the picture. Alternatively, you can order them partially as follows: Soft Armada wicker rope chair, and Armada wicker rope table.

Size (cm) : 72(L) 74(W) 73(H)
Material: Flat Rope 14 mm Wide | Aluminum with Powder Coated & Wooden Frame
Color avl : As Stock
MOQ: 40pcs.