DIDU is an international brand of wicker furniture & custom furniture manufacture. Interior and exteriror designers specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects are very welcomed here. As a good business partner to establish mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

When you have a high imagination about the design of the furniture you want. You will then make the modeling design for it. Then, you offered it to the potential clients. Suddenly someone is interested in the results of your design. In such situations, you need DIDU to turn your abstract designs into something real.

The same case. For example, you are the owner or operational manager of a hotel, villa, cottage, stadium, apartment, restaurant, resort, or other similar public tourist attraction. Then you find that some parts of the outdoor furniture are obsolete. You will then want to replace all of your outdoor and indoor furniture with the new ones. Such in this cases too, you need DIDU.

What are the services provided by DIDU? Keep reading the content of this page to the end.

Custom Furniture Manufacture for Hotel Resorts Villas Cottages


One of DIDU’s excellent service is custom furniture manufacture. This kind of service provided to accommodate the needs of all interior and exterior designers from all around the world. Also, to serve the needs of furniture procurement projects for hotels, villas, restaurants, resorts, cottages, and the like, which require special models with very limited editions. You are free to make an outdoor or indoor furniture designs, no matter how complicated your furniture design. DIDU will be able to make it happened in a real form of an elegant, luxurious, artistic, and highest quality furniture. You just need to consult us about how your design’s requirement materials, sizes, measurements, etc., we will process it into a prototype that will amaze you.


If you don’t have any idea about what kind of furniture model that is good for indoor or outdoor space of your hotel, villa, resort, restaurant, cottage, just consult for free with our expert team of furniture designers. We will offer you an iconic designs that have a strong character to support your business success.
Wicker furniture from DIDU Indonesia has become a model used by world’s leading hotels, restaurants, villas, cottages, and resorts in many countries in the world. Moreover, the designers of their outdoor furniture entrust the manufacture of their custom-designed furniture to DIDU Indonesia. They believe in DIDU’s ability to turn their abstract design ideas into monumental real works.
What are you waiting for? Consult your wishes now with furniture design experts of DIDU Indonesia.


DIDU owns a factory to produce the main materials to build a wicker furniture products: a synthetic rattan and rope. In addition, Didu also can create the furnitures with other materials. Such as solid wood, iron, aluminum, and so on. It also can be a combination of various materials, such as a combination of wood and iron, aluminum and rattan, wood and rattan, aluminun with wood appearance, synthentic rattan with real rattan appearance, or many others. Up to you. A furniture with any material you want, DIDU can create it as you wish. Just consult your wishes with our furniture experts now.


As a guarantee for its high quality furniture products, DIDU gives three years warranty and maintenance free. DIDU will contact you before the maintenance team visits your place. During the warranty period, customers did not have to be worried if any part of the furniture material is torn, cracked, peeled, rusted, or broken. With certain conditions, DIDU will guarantee the restoration of the products. This excellent after-sales service can keep your DIDU products always in a very good condition, and naturally, it will extend the using period of it. So, you will save more budgets for furniture procurement in many years later.


DIDU provides a wholesaler marketplace for all of its products. DIDU’s wholesale market is a place for furniture suppliers and retailers who want to buy in large quantities of indoor and outdoor furniture products.

Especially for various projects. Such as, the procurement of furniture for hotels, villas, resorts, and cottages. As well as the furniture for restaurants, bars, cafes, furniture retailers, furniture suppliers or distributors, and many others.

Of course at a special price. DIDU products with its high quality assurance, as well as an excellent after-sales service, are a valuable opportunity to make your business more profitable.

To be able to get the best wholesaler price offer, there are some special conditions that you must comply with. Check here to read it.