Synthetic Rattan Factory is a strategic partner of every company that produces wicker furniture. Since its establishment, DIDU has set a high-quality standard for all of the main raw materials in producing outdoor wicker furniture.

Therefore, at the beginning of its establishment, DIDU received a supply of synthetic rattan from one of the best synthetic rattan producer brands in the world.

Over time, at the point when the quality of synthetic rattan that supplied to DIDU experienced an inconsistency in quality. In the end, DIDU decided to build its own synthetic rattan factory to maintain the quality of the main raw materials for its products.

The DIDU synthetic rattan factory was founded in 2019. Operated by experts who are very well experienced at home and abroad, and mastering with the detailed aspects of synthetic rattan materials and production techniques.

HAROU Indonesia, that’s the name of DIDU’s subsidiary that manages a synthetic rattan factory. The name was taken from the name of one of a famous valley in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Which has a solid stone wall with a height of up to hundreds of meters. It’s a representation of its production vision which focuses on the best quality synthetic rattan that is sturdy and strong, which can compete with other world-class synthetic rattans.