Wicker Furniture Factory is one of the promising business fields in the modern furniture business. The proof is that the value of furniture imports to the United States in 2018 reached more than 60 million US dollars.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in the middle of 2019 to 2021, global business transactions experienced a significant decline. However, some companies that concentrate on Wicker Furniture Factory are able to survive even though the decrease of the number of requests.

At the beginning of 2022, when the global economic conditions continued to recover after pandemic, the demand for wicker furniture increased significantly. All parties are certainly hope that the conditions become better in the several next years.

wicker furniture factory

What is Wicker?

Wicker is a product of weaving expertise. Utilize a variety of flexible plants such as rattan, roots, bamboo, grass, and many others. Weaving skills have been used by humans to make various kinds of equipment since 5000 BC in the ancient Egypt Civilization.

There is a slight misunderstanding about the meaning of wicker in some people. They understand wicker as a rattan. However, both are having a different meaning.

Wicker is a product of weaving expertise. While rattan is a flexible plant that grows a lot in the equatorial region. The results of weaving activities will produce a wicker product.

The Rise of Wicker Furniture Factory

Wicker furniture is a furniture that is produced by weaving expertise. It can be in the form of chairs, tables, sofas, cabinets, storage boxes, sunbeds, daybeds, and others.

From day to day, the demand for wicker furniture continues to increase. This prompted the establishment of a wicker furniture factory which produces wicker furniture in large quantities.

Its market segment has also become wider. Not only households and families, more so in the form of hospitality business units such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafes, bars, villas, and many others. All of them needs an indoor and outdoor furniture to run their hospitality business.

Types of Wicker Furniture Factory

While the demand for wicker furniture continues to increase, it attracts investors to invest in a wicker furniture factory. So that, the number of companies engaged in the wicker furniture factory continues to grow, both small and large factories.

There is a wicker furniture factory where all raw materials are fully produced and processed by themselves. Starting from the processing of wood, aluminum, natural rattan, synthetic rattan, rope, until the production of fabric is done by ourselves. Companies with a high investment value usually already produce and processes all the raw materials by their own.

This first type of Wicker furniture factory usually provides very competitive prices in a high minimum order quantity. As the law of goods production transactions in general. The greater the production quantity, the production cost of goods will be cheaper.

There is also a medium-scale wicker furniture factory. Some of the raw materials have been produced in-house, some are produced and processed by third parties. This type of factory generally has a medium to lower level of investment.

One thing to consider in choosing a wicker furniture factory is to focus on the quality of the products they produced. Especially if you are a wicker furniture retailer who is building consumer confidence in your business brand.

How to Choose a Wicker Furniture Factory

Wicker Furniture is well known for its quality and durability as the most popular outdoor furniture. Most hospitality businesses use wicker furniture for their outdoor areas.

Are you looking for a wicker furniture factory for your hotel, resort, restaurant, cafe, bar, villa, outdoor furniture procurement project? If “yes”, here are some considerations and ways you can do it.

1. Research

Doing research to collect data about various wicker furniture factories is the first thing you should do. Research can be done by browsing on search engines on the internet, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and others.

A truly professional wicker furniture factory will definitely be easy to find their information on the internet. After you get all the data, you can compare the quality of the information provided. The more complete the information that is available from their website, or from the reviews of those who have ordered to their factory, it can be used as a basic consideration.

2. Contact the Wicker Furniture Factory

Once you have the information, try to make direct contact via telephone, email, or other means of communication. You can also make an appointment to directly visit the factory. So that you can get more abundant information for your consideration.

One thing that you should also prepare before visiting is, what products you will order from the wicker furniture factory. So that, when you visit the factory, you can request for a price quote from the factory.

3. History and Reviews

These two things are important to know. As a basis for your consideration on choosing a wicker furniture factory. Simply put, learning from other people’s experiences is better than experiencing a bad experience firsthand. It will spend more time, energy and cost.

Research the company’s history and reviews from other customer before you, so you can be sure of the wicker furniture factory you choose.

4. Comparison

Research and collecting data about wicker furniture factories is important to be able to consider which factory to trust to produce your outdoor wicker furniture procurement project.

You need to have more than one alternative factory, so you can get the desired quality according to your budget allocation. Each factory will definitely try their best to provide the best quality at an affordable price.

5. As Needed

Another important thing that you should consider is your own needs. What quantity you need, what model of wicker furniture are you looking for, your budget, everything must be clear. So that you will not trap in choosing the wrong wicker furniture factory.

Understanding your own needs will make it easy for you to choose the factory suits your needs. For example, ordering 100 units of wicker chair to a mid-level wicker furniture factory will get a different price from ordering it to a large factory that requires large quantities. You must understand this pattern, so you will not experience the over budgeting case.

The Wicker Furniture Factory You Can Trust

At the end of this article, we would like to inform you about the trusted wicker furniture factory to produce any kind of furniture. Whatever the furniture type you want. Either a wicker furniture with natural rattan material, synthetic rattan, or a wooden furniture that made entirely of a solid wood. Even the furniture that uses an aluminum frame, iron, or wood, combined with the natural rattan or synthetic rattan, or cloth. All of them can be produced by PT. DIDU Indonesia.

This wicker furniture factory does not only produce the models that is designed by themselves, but also provides the custom furniture production services from any hospitality interior and exterior designer. No matter how complicated the design, DIDU can certainly realize it in the form of a perfect monumental masterpiece.

PT. DIDU Indonesia was founded in 2003 and has completed thousands of furniture procurement projects from various hospitality industries around the world. Many of their leading hospitality business brands entrust the production of their custom furniture for hotels, resorts, villas, restaurants, cafes, and bars to PT. DIDU Indonesia.

wicker furniture factory

DIDU Indonesia has a vision of a high-quality-oriented production. Using the world-class raw materials, environmentally friendly and recyclable, also certified as non-toxic raw material. The production process is carried out by well skilled hands who has many decades of experience in producing furniture. This is the tradition of DIDU that is always maintained continuously to gain the trust of many customers from various countries.

This wicker furniture factory also gives the warranty for all of his products up to three years. Moreover, this wicker furniture factory also provides the free maintenance services for three years when before the beginning of high seasons. So that, all wicker furniture in your hospitality business unit is in a good condition and ready to welcome guests in the high season.