Outdoor Furniture
Factory & Manufacturer
DIDU Indonesia

Outdoor Furniture
Factory & Manufacturer
DIDU Indonesia

Experience the global presence of DIDU’s outdoor furniture factory brand, adorning outdoor spaces for the world’s foremost hospitality brands. Now, it’s your opportunity to indulge in extraordinary comfort and durability!

Experience the global presence of DIDU’s outdoor furniture factory brand, adorning outdoor spaces for the world’s foremost hospitality brands. Now, it’s your opportunity to indulge in extraordinary comfort and durability!

outdoor furniture factory and manufacturer


DIDU Indonesia established in 2003 as an outdoor furniture factory and brand that is based in Bali. Has become Indonesian leading manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture that specializes in catering to the hospitality industry and procurement projects. We provide outdoor furniture solutions that elevate the outdoor spaces of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments.


Become the global preferred provider of a high-quality and luxury outdoor furniture.


Creating an outdoor furniture that inspire and delight. We are dedicated to designing and manufacturing premium furniture that combines comfort, durability, and aesthetics, ensuring that every piece we create reflects our commitment to excellence.

Establishing long-term partnerships with our clients, understanding their unique needs and delivering tailored solutions that exceed their expectations.

Our Main Office:

Boulevard Sunset Road 81A Seminyak – Kuta Bali 80361 Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 8475650
Mobile Contact: +62821.4757.3937
Email: sales10@didu.co.id

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Why Should You Choose DIDU?

Highest Quality Standard

Our products exemplify the pinnacle of global quality standards, setting new benchmarks in craftmanship and excellence.

Affordable Factory Price

Crafted in our state-of-the-art facility, both our products and their raw materials ensure you receive unbeatable value.

Unlimited Customization

Transforming even the most intricate furniture designs into stunning masterpieces is a specialty of our highly skilled experts.

Priceless Artistic Design

With decades of expertise, our team excels in crafting exquisite outdoor furniture tailored for the luxury hotel sector.

Eco Friendly &

We prioritize environmental sustainability and well-being, exclusively employing recycled and non-toxic materials in our production process.

Excellent Warranty Period

All components of our furniture offerings come with a quality assurance warranty, extending up to three years.

Free Maintenance Service

Rest assured, DIDU’s dedicated maintenance team will provide complimentary upkeep for your outdoor furniture throughout the initial three years.

24/7 Customer Support

For any inquiries or a burst of inspiration, our customer support team is poised and eager to assist you.

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Our Special Services

Custom Furniture Manufacture

Calling all visionary designers! Whether you navigate the interior or exterior realms, your quest for an unwavering ally to metamorphose your dreams into monumental masterpieces ends here. Enter the realm of DIDU’s bespoke furniture service—an unparalleled solution tailored to meet your distinct design needs.

Within our hallowed workshop, the artisans of our production team wield extraordinary skills, crafting furniture pieces that transcend the commonplace. Unleash the floodgates of your creativity, for we specialize in manifesting designs that exist only in the realm of imagination. At DIDU’s outdoor furniture factory, we transcend the ordinary, transforming intricate concepts into palpable, awe-inspiring creations that guarantee absolute client satisfaction. Click the button below! Your journey to the excellence begins here!

Custom Design by You!

Immerse yourself in the realm where interior and exterior designs evolve into timeless icons, defining the very essence and character of tranquil retreats and holiday havens—be it the elegance of hotels and resorts, villas, cottages, apartments, or the spirited ambiance of cafes and restaurants. Within these sectors, dedicated designers craft distinctive styles that encapsulate the unique identity of each locale.

Enter the world of DIDU outdoor furniture factory, a seasoned maestro in crafting indoor and outdoor furniture for the globe’s premier hospitality industries, with designs curated by top-tier visionaries. Whether your preference leans towards the classic allure of wicker, the warmth of wood, or an artful fusion of natural and synthetic materials, DIDU stands ready to breathe life into your vision. Eager to witness your ideas take shape? Click the button below, and let the journey towards your extraordinary creation commence by filling out the form.

Your masterpiece awaits its moment of realization.

Custom Materials

DIDU owns a factory to produce the main materials to build a wicker furniture product: a synthetic rattan and rope. In addition, Didu also can create the furniture with other materials. Such as solid wood, iron, aluminum, and so on. It also can be a combination of various materials, such as a combination of wood and iron, aluminum and rattan, wood and rattan, aluminum with wood appearance, synthetic rattan with real rattan appearance, or many others. Up to you. A furniture with any material you want, DIDU can create it as you wish. Just consult your wishes with our furniture experts now.

3 Years Warranty & Maintenance Free

As a guarantee for its high-quality wicker furniture products, DIDU gives three years warranty and maintenance free. Either indoor or outdoor furniture. DIDU will contact you before the maintenance team visits your place. During the warranty period, customers did not have to be worried if any part of the wicker furniture material is torn, cracked, peeled, rusted, or broken. With certain conditions, DIDU will guarantee the restoration of the products. This excellent after-sales service can keep your DIDU products always in a very good condition. And naturally, it will extend the using period of it. So, you will save more budgets for furniture procurement in many years later.

Premium Quality Only

We know that out there, many companies also produces a wicker furniture that looks the same as DIDU’s product. Some of them even selling it at a much lower price. In producing outdoor wicker furniture, DIDU focuses more on a high quality products with a classy artistic taste. DIDU products are created by a highly well skilled human hands. That’s why, DIDU can turn the impossiblities in furniture designs into a really high quality and artistic value creations.

In fact, its not a few of our loyal customers today are those who have been disappointed by the poor quality of cheap wicker furnitures. Its your right to choose a low price. But the most reasonable choice is: a high quality and artistic value wicker furniture with an insignificant price difference. Are you curious? Came on, contact us now, we will give you the best offer.

New Collections

Our Clients

DIDU outdoor furniture brand has been trusted by many worlds’ leading hospitality brands to furnish the outdoor space of their hotels and resorts, villas, cottages, etc., because of its quality and expertise on manufacturing the most complicated outdoor furniture design. Here are some of them:

A strong commitment to the premium quality and high artistic value in all of his wicker furniture products has made DIDU one of the world’s leading and trusted wicker furniture brands. Thats reputation makes DIDU won more trust from consumer in various countries around the world. That trust drives us to make more innovations, creating new designs and models to bring luxury, beauty and comfort in every inch of the outdoor and indoor space of many hotels, restaurants, resorts, villas, cottages, apartments, and homes.

We have Completed more than 1650 furniture projects in more than 30 countries