Creating the custom furniture design is the process of designing the brand identity of your hospitality business in the mind of your consumers. How to create an unforgettable comfortability experience must be considered in the process of creating the custom furniture design. And, the abstract picture of the design must be in harmony with the real result of the manufacturing process of the custom furniture.

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DIDU is very experienced in creating custom furniture design for indoor and outdoor space of all classes of the hospitality industry in the world.

DIDU’s process in designing custom furniture are very comprehensive. All aspects are considered. The most important thing is the quality and aesthetic value, which are the main characteristics of DIDU products.

In fact, DIDU also pays a serious attention to current issues, such as health, environment and global warming, in the process of selecting raw materials for its products. The raw materials are used for producing synthetic rattan and rope are selected which do not contain toxins. Besides, all of the material used to build the furniture are recyclable, so it’s eco-friendly.

In addition, DIDU also considers the aspect of conformity with trends of the modern furniture designs. These considerations became the source of inspiration to create the furniture with timeless designs. It can be the mixing of classic, contemporary, and future custom furniture design.

Entrust the design and manufacturing process of your custom furniture design to the expert team of DIDU furniture. Fill in the form below and we will provide you with an attractive offer.


Intelligent luxury is all about thinking about what really is special for our guests, what’s different, and to give them a surprise that they are not used to.

– Sonu Shivdasani

Why custom furniture design?

Creating custom furniture design means, you give your hotel visitors a choice of reasons to keep them coming to visit and stay in your hotel. Especially if the model of your furniture is as good and comfortable as they can’t find it anywhere else. They will not go anywhere. They will definitely return to your hospitality, because they have a reason to return.


Custom Design for Outdoor Wicker Furniture

DIDU’s loyal customers are generally hospitality business owner or directors from leading tourist spots in the world. We didn’t just offer our pre-designed products that already exist.

Moreover, we give our customers a freedom to pick for themselves their custom furniture design. Because we know, most of them already have their own an interior and exterior design team.

We always report the progress of the custom furniture manufacturing process they ordered step by step. And with some conditions, we guarantee the quality of our manufacturing results with a product warranty up to three years.


Profit or business Relationship?

The orientation of all types of business is definitely to gain the profit. But DIDU is a bit different. DIDU is love, relationship, and eternity. DIDU prioritizes long-term business cooperation over short-term big business benefits.

DIDU is a great boon to your hospitality business that has no equal. Start ordering your custom furniture design today, because our production room is very busy scheduling production queues.